What would it be like to work with me?

You wish to put your effort, energy and valuable time into using your creativity and specific product/service knowledge, so you can grow your business. However, your To Do list is growing and you cannot see the wood from the trees? That is where I step in. My middle name is “Organising”, wherever I see some chaos or untidiness, I dive in!

I will work with you to explore your business in-depth; I will look at all separate parts without losing sight of the bigger picture. During an initial consultation, we discuss your requirements and I offer my insights into how to analyse the problems you encounter and how we can attack these.

Nothing will happen without consultation with you though; I will not work for you, but with you and proactively seek solutions beneficial to the success of your business. If you expect someone that will say YES to all your requests, that is not what I am like. I will not do the smooth talking, but will be honest in our communications and not shy away from calling a spade a spade; this is specifically where my Dutch background shines through.

If you would like to book a consultation, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you, or you can contact me via e-mail or phone.

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