Bed & Breakfast and Hotel Professional Anita Overgaauw

Assistance for both new and established businesses to maximise their success and smooth running.

It is my mission to improve the professionalism of accommodation providers; bed & breakfasts and hotels up to 15 rooms.

Is it your passion to provide a top hospitality service, but the practical issues of marketing, financial management, communication and staffing seem overwhelming?

Do you know when you last reviewed your marketing strategy, or checked your pricing? If it was longer than a year ago – it needs reviewing now!

I know that as a business operator it is a huge effort to always guarantee the perfect experience for your guests. It is very easy to “lose” yourself and the core of your business in the process. You might also encounter the challenges of high and low seasons.

Would you like to smooth out these seasonal variations and increase your overall year-round turnover? Have you ever looked at your business as an outsider or booked a room in your own business? If your answer is NO – try it NOW!

As a specialist business coach in the accommodation industry I can help you in many ways – the below is my preferred approach:

  1. Analyse your current business plan and suggest improvements to help you achieve your aims. Or help you develop your very first plan.
  2. Do a complete financial analysis.
  3. Combine the above to create a holistic overview, including marketing and pricing policies, to ensure that your business is successful both now and in the future.

Are you interested in discussing ways to improve your business? Contact me for a no obligations meeting or phone call.

Together we are going to make sure that the total will become MORE than the sum of the parts!

“I contracted Anita’s services to help me with several different challenges I had with the lodge. She was very helpful in setting up branding meetings and making important connections. She also managed our pricing strategy, checked over our website and booking systems and approached different businesses to drive more and better bookings.” Helen, lodge owner New Zealand

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